Cantor Elissa Kaplan

Chaplain / Rabbinic Pastor working with people & clergy of all faith traditions.


Quotes Thank you for making our wedding so special. Everyone commented how the service reflected our life journey and brought together our faith traditions. Quotes
Kristin and Steve

Quotes We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job that you did. Just knowing that you would take care of everything at the service totally alleviated our stress. Quotes
Ilisa and Howard

Quotes Thank you! Everyone commented on the elegance of the ceremony, your sincerity of delivery and the beauty of you voice. We must thank you for making our day so special. Quotes
Richard and Ed

Quotes We wanted our same sex wedding to be embraced by our families, friends, communities and values. Elissa succeeded to achieve it all. She touched every heart, mind and soul of our many guests. Her passion knowledge and skill combined, were a real asset to such an important moment in our lives. You made all of us very happy , Quotes
Asher and Dror

Quotes Elissa is an extraordinary woman who is very caring, passionate, and a delightful person. She is so faith filled that she lights up a room when she walks in. Quotes
Margie Farrell

Quotes Elissa's warm, caring and compassionate presence was exactly what my family needed. No matter the occasion, Elissa's involvement will make it better and more meaningful. Quotes

Quotes Elissa is a compassionate woman who has offered emotional support to my family and others in times of spiritual and personal need. She has helped us travel an heroic journey facing riveting challenges in life's difficult times. Her voice is a beacon for all families and individuals seeking support. As the chaplain officiating at my wife's funeral in 2008, she drew tears and sympathy from friends and relatives alike. She is truly a woman of valor, bravery and talent.. Quotes
Lee Berton, special writer for The Wall Street Journal - retired